Eggville Free Will Baptist Church

Where everyone is someone and Jesus Christ is Lord

imgresChurch Ministries
Our purpose as a church is to proclaim the gospel of Christ Jesus and to provide a house of worship and a place of instruction in the Bible, the word of God. We have many ministries geared toward the fulfilling of this purpose.
Below is a description of these ministries.
Worship Services
Our worship services are a time set aside for the worship of God.
Sunday School
We offer Sunday School for all ages from Nursery to Adult. It is through Sunday School that we learn more about God through his word. The classes and ages are as follows:

Gods Little Ones / (Nursery) - Newborn to 3 years of age . Available for all services: (Personal pagers for parents)
Joy Builders / (Pre School)
- Ages 3 - 4
Noah’s Mighty Builders / (Primary) - Ages 7 - 8
Discovering Disciples / (Juniors) - Ages 9 - 11
B-I-G / (Intermediate) - Ages 12 - 15
Philadelphians/ (Teens) - Ages 16 - 18
Grace by Faith Class - 19 - 25
C.L.E.A.R. Class /Young Adults
Mae’s Classs /All Ladies
Adult Class

Music Ministry
Music is a vital part of our worship service. Special singing is provided by those to whom God has given talent.
Sign Team Ministry
Our sign team provides a special ministry through the use of their hands.
Praising Puppet Ministry
Our puppet ministry provides a special service to the Young and the Shut In’s.
Senior Saints (55’s and older)
Our senior adults meets the 3rd Thursday of each month with a planned outing for the day. Each fall they take a 3 day trip from Thursday - Saturday.
Youth and Teens
Activities are planned and announced by our youth leaders.
WNAC - Women Nationally Active for Christ, meets on the second Monday night of each month at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall. This organization is devoted to the support of missions.
Mother/Daughter Banquet - usually the Friday night before Mother’s Day.
Masters Men Breakfast - First Sunday of each month at 7:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall
Father/Son Cook Out - usually the Friday night before Father’s Day.
Master Mens Retreat - Held on the last weekend in September.
Bus Ministry
We offer transportation to those who live in the proximity of the church.
Tape Ministry
We offer CD and DVD recordings of all our worship services.